Black Friday At Westgate Mall

The doors at Westgate Mall in Amarillo officially opened at six this morning but people were shopping at some local stores by five.  Newschannel 10 arrived at the Mall at 5:30 and found hundreds already shopping in Sears and JCPenny's.  Through out the morning the parking slots filled up as more and more people showed up early to try and beat the rush on the busiest shopping day of the year and take advantage of all the sales.  Newschannel 10 spoke with several people who say the mall as well as other area stores were crowded and had lines but nothing to bad.  In 2005 Westgate Mall had over 44,000 people shopping on this day and over 85,000 between Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  There is not an official number out right now but there are thousands of people shopping at the mall on this black Friday.  Black Friday is the day when stores go from red, meaning losses, into black, meaning profits.