Working on Thanksgiving

Most of us get time off from work on the holidays. But thousands of people in our area still punched the time clock today, many of them are still working at this hour.

Newschannel 10's Marissa Bagg joins us live from the Flying J Truck Stop in east Amarillo where work goes on despite the holiday.

It's been a busy day and will be an even busier night for some truck drivers who tell me they are getting back on the road after filling up. They, along with many others, worked right through the Thanksgiving holiday.

"I'm working hard it's sad working on Thanksgiving away from family but there is nothing I can do right now. " Ahmed Omar started the holiday in Albuquerque... And has a long way to go before getting home to Ohio.

Others are not as far away from home, but still had to work a full day... That was definitely slower than usual. Amanda Price works at Budge Rent-A Car, " It's been very slow, I've been here since one and we ve had 4 customers, it's slow on Thanksgiving."

When asked if they mind working on the holiday, most people say it comes with the territory.Ty Garner is an Amarillo Ffire fighter; "It's just a way of life for a fireman, it s not a problem, it's what we do."

As for Omar, he will be on the job well into the night."I still have to drive to Oklahoma City."

Since they worked today, everyone says they hope to be off for Christmas.