More Babies Born to Unmarried Moms

Nearly 37%, or two out of every five children are born out of wedlock in the United States. 

That's according to the latest information for 2005 released from the National Center for Health Statistics.

While teen pregnancies have levelled off, more unmarried women are bearing children. There has been a rise in unwed mothers in all ethnic groups, but more so among hispanics. The greatest increase in women in their 20's and 30's.

And as one local nurse explains, those pregnancies are usually no surprise to the single women she sees. Lola Lopez is a Labor and Delivery Nurse at NWTH  "They may live with a boyfriend and they may not... but they plan it. It's a rarity that I have one that comes here and says 'oh man I didn't want to get pregnant.' They do want to get pregnant, they're seeking fertility, they're seeking the pregnancy."

Lopez maintains cultural taboos about sex, and a lack of adequate education on the subject contributes to more unwed mothers of any age.

However in recent years there has been a decline worldwide in the number of couples choosing to marry, with many instead opting to raise families while living together.

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