Salvation Army Continues Thanksgiving Tradition

Serving a warm meal for those with nowhere else to go this holiday is the goal behind the Salvation Army's annual Thanksgiving tradition. 

Major Jim Waller and his staff of more than 60 volunteers opened up the cafeteria early this afternoon, ready to serve more than 500 people.

He told Newschannel10's Tina Berasley "We open it up to the public and whoever wants to come does, and its just a time for us to take care of those who have no family and no place to go on Thanksgiving day".

One of those volunteers has given up the past eight Thanksgivings to help the Salvation Army...and she's only ten years old. Chloe Abbott said "I want it to be a goal that I can keep helping people...because they don't have a life like us, and they need a home and food".

Jimmy Judice and his wife are from Perryton. Their children couldn't be with them this holiday, so they decided to spend it helping others. He said "We're just overwhelmed with all the support and the volunteers that showed up and its really a God-given gift that these people have decided to come and share their Thanksgiving with other people...its a place for them to gather and enjoy some fellowship and enjoy a very very good meal."

Roger Paschal shared in the meal. He added "For them to take out time and for them to be away from their families and to come here to help its a true blessing. It shows you how Amarillo is really kind and really generous".