"Operation Homefront " E-Cares

There is also a way that you can help area soldiers who are overseas this holiday season -- from the comfort of your home...

"Operation Homefront", a non-profit organization that started after 9-11 to aid active military, their families and returning soliders sponsors the "e-care package" website. The site allows you to sponsor a member of the armed forces from any branch of the military. 

You can purchase gifts from the online grocery store and have them delivered overseas.

This site also allows you to sponser a military family stationed overseas. You can shop for  a specific soldier or military family or "adopt" a service member by area of deployment, home state, military branch, or gender.

There are many other sites that will ship military care packages.

And if you want to make your own care packages here is a website with some great tips: http://www.geocities.com/militarycarepackage/