Friona Holiday Project

Giving thanks to soldiers in Iraq is the goal behind a special holiday project for area high schoolers. 

Members of the Friona High School Choir want to make sure their soldiers overseas receive a little piece of home this holiday season. 

Boxes of cookies, warm blankets, and even some Christmas decorations, all boxed up and ready to be sent to Panhandle-area soldiers serving in Iraq.

"I have a brother that's in the Navy and I know I want to do anything I can to help him and everybody else that's over there," says Erica Davila, a FHS Choir member.

"I have a son who's in the Army, he's with the 82nd Airborne and he's currently serving in Iraq," says Becky Dickson the President of the Panhandle Area Chapter of the Blue Star Mothers.

"I had a grandfather who served in the Marines for 25 years and heard all the stories and I know the soldiers over in Iraq and everywhere else, they are just performing a great sacrifice and I really want to give them something back for that," says Meghan Hendrickson, a FHS Choir member.

As part of a service learning project,the Friona choir, along with the Panhandle Area Chapter of The Blue Star Mothers, are asking community members to donate items like food, clothing, and toys for Panhandle-area troops.

So far, several of the 13 boxes around town have already been filled up.

"I kind of had a hunch it was going to be a good success, but I never thought it would be this good, never in a million years thought we would get so many boxes full and so much items brought over," says Deidre Johnston, a FHS Choir member.

"It's been really great. Everyone has pitched in and done all they can to help, even if they don't have nobody in the military, everyone's doing their part to help out those who do," says Davila.

For Erica, one of the care packages could be sent to her brother.
   "It makes me feel ecstatic, I mean knowing that he can't be here at least he could receive something and have a good Christmas over there and still enjoy it even though he's not home."

The other campuses are also taking part in the project by mapping out where the packages will be sent, how many items were donated, and by writing letters.

"It's going to bring a piece of home, a piece of community and a piece of appreciation and love definitely, it's going to show our appreciation and our thankfulness that they're making the ultimate  sacrifice they are," says Hendrickson.    ]

The deadline to drop off items is November 28th. 

Items Needed:

T-shifts, long johns, socks, twin sized sheets, blankets, water resistant watches. pens, puzzle books, recent paper back books. bug repellant lotion, wipes, hand lotion, sunscreen, chap stick. deodorant, toothpaste and other hygiene items ( non_aerosol) , non-perishable food items.

Small toys for soldiers to give to Iraqi children such as, coloring books and colors, stuffed animals, balls, balloons, ect.

Collection Box Locations:

Any Friona public school and FISD Officesm Bi-Wize Health Mart, Lowes, Ingrams, Ivy Cottage, Fast Stop, Maloufs, Silver Screen Video, and Dollar General.

For information on the Panhandle Chapter of Blue Star Mothers contact Becky Dickson at 806.250.3690 or email