Parents Opt For Pizza Tonight

Pizza places in Amarillo had to call in extra help tonight to serve folks who chose to order or dine out.

Newschannel 10's Marissa Bagg has more on why people opted for pizza.

The holidays can be stressful when cooks have to plan for an enormous meal.

So tonight, thousands of people came to places like this to take it easy.

"We came to spend time with friends before the holidays we're not cooking tonight because tomorrow is thanksgiving we'll cook a lot," says Hamid Jalali.

"We didn't want to cook, we're cooking tomorrow and having to clean-up so we're relaxing and having fun with the kids," says sister and brother, Lori Singleton and James Whitfield.

On the night before Thanksgiving what better for kids to eat c'mon guys? Pizza!!

Convenience is the main reason people picked pizza for dinner tonight.

And estimated 4,000 people came to Mr. Gatti's since their doors opened today, skyrocketing sales.

"Wednesday is a slow day but today because it was the day before Thanksgiving, it gets busy because people take out the kids and at the same time they buy stuff for the turkey," says Jesus Almaguer, a manager at the restaurant.