Deep-Fried Danger

Many of you will pull out a deep fryer to cook your turkey , but this popular method isn't without its dangers. 

The Canyon Fire Department set up their own deep-fryer at their drill test site, to show our cameras what could happen if a cook is not careful. 

The hot oil can cause a fire easily and quickly, it is recommended you use the fryer outdoors, and not inside a garage or near high traffic areas of your home.

Chief Johnny Tallant told Newschannel10's Tina Berasley "If you try and cook on Thanksgiving that usually means that you've got a lot of people at your house, so its important so you take that into consideration so you cook in a place where you can kinda keep people away from there because it is dangerous".

Chief Tallant says follow these guidelines to keep your turkey day safe.

First, read the directions that come with your fryer and use the recomended amount of oil and make sure it is at the right temperature.

Second, buy the right size bird for your pot, and defrost and dry it before cooking to help prevent splashing, because oil and water don't mix.  "If you buy a little pot you cant put a 20 lb turkey in a 14 lb pot and there's certain levels, you can't put the oil up to the top, you gotta make sure of the oil levels".

Tallant says the third and most important thing is to be prepared in case of an emergency with a fire extinguisher. "If you try to use water then we go back to the water and the hot oil. If you try to use baking soda then you've got to have a lot of baking soda.  A fire extinguisher is something that you need at your house anyway so if you don't have one, get one when you fry and if you don't need it then you'll have a good one in the house.

And be very careful not to get too close to the fryer, and especially keep children away as splashes from the oil could cause second degree burns.