Amarillo Suspects Family Speaks Out About Allegations

After being indicted on 46 counts of manipulating bank deposits, an Amarillo developer is awaiting arraignment. 
   Newschannel 10's Marissa Bagg spoke with his family about the charges brought against him. 

Paul Gillette is accused of structuring cash deposits so he could avoid reporting the transactions to the federal government. His family says the charges are a result of twisting up the facts. 

Prosecutors in the case say Gillette made 46 cash deposits at banks all over Amarillo between June and November of 2005. They were suspicious because the amounts all totaled less than $10,000 - which is the minimum amount required by law that needs to be reported to the federal government.

Gillette's family says he was depositing money earned from building a house for a couple... And that it was all legitimate.

Today a federal grand jury thought there was enough evidence to indict Gillette. He is not in custody and is expected to show up for his arraignment November 30th in U.S. District Court in Amarillo. 

This investigation is reportedly linked to a separate drug conspiracy investigation in Fort Worth. 
Gillette's family tells us the idea that he is involved in a drug-related case is ridiculous.