Electronic Gaming Business in Amarillo

A new electronic gaming business in Amarillo says their kind of machines are completely legal under Texas law.   

The Ace Gaming Amusement Center is now open for business, offering customers points for winning instead of cash.  

Under Texas law, slot machines called 8-liners are illegal because they offer cash for winning. Ace Gaming says their machines are categorized as "amusement with prizes" machines, and they are different and do not fall into that category.     

They say their machines offer points for winning and can add-up to five dollar amounts each game, that can then be redeemed at many national retail stores.      

Local prosecutors say they are keeping an eye on the business. County Attorney Scott Brumley told Newschannel10's Tina Berasley "Law enforcement is as aware of it as we are and their gonna be sending people in. Ya never know when, and you never know who, they're not gonna be flashing a badge and looking like they're in uniform, and we're gonna take those cases very seriously".     

The Potter County Attorney says at this time he is not aware of any wrong doing at the new business.