Unpaid Parking Tickets in Amarillo

The city of Amarillo has $158,000 worth of unpaid parking tickets on its plate.

The tickets aren't going away unless people pay up.

But some claim they didn't even know they owed the city money.

Tonight, NewsChannel 10's Blaire Arvin investigates the parking problem in Amarillo.

Park here over the limit and you could face a $10 fine.

If you don't pay it, it doubles after 12 days.

And we found out, scores of people who have been ticketed haven't paid.

"The city of Amarillo currently has approximately 5,400 outstanding tickets," says Victoria Medley, Municipal Court Clerk.

According to the municipal court over 180 of those tickets deal mostly with rental car companies.

"People park downtown of there at some kind of event and when we run the tags that's who we find out who the car belongs to it comes back to the rental car," she says.

Medley adds it's ultimately up to the company to see that these fines are paid.

Individual car owners make up the rest of the bunch who owe money.

And in these cases a lot of the people are repeat offenders.

"The majority of the tickets that I write a lot of them are the same vehicles," says Yvonne Frye, Amarillo Police Department's Traffic Guide.

NewsChannel 10 went knocking on doors looking for answers.

We got a hold of someone who had 12 unpaid parking tickets.

They claim they had no idea about them...

But once we told them about the problem all 12 of the fines were paid.

After this happened NewsChannel 10 dug deeper to find out how someone could possibly not know about their tickets.

According to the municipal court the city issues the ticket and then it's up to you to get it taken care of.

There are no extra notices...

No follow-ups...

Just one ticket.

One ticket that now translates into 5,400 outstanding tickets over several years.

We are working to get a more detailed breakdown of how the city is losing that much money where it could be utilized and why.

So keep it here as we continue to look into this for you.