"Educator for a Day" with AISD


More than 50 people stepped into the shoes of both teachers and principals as part of Amarillo ISD's "Educator for a Day" program.

Newschannel10's Tina Berasley took us inside Palo Duro High School with Principal Kevin Phillips, who supervises 1900 children every day.

This is Kevin Phillips' first year as Principal at Palo Duro High School, and he is learning to deal with unexpected issues as he goes. He says"That's the biggest challenge for me is to start a program to get to know people, kids teachers parents faculty members all of that. Know what they do every day, know how they are and begin to develop a relationship with all of those people so that I can work with them everyday.

For Tina's first day as an educator, she and Principal Phillips took part in a fire drill, made pies in Culinary Arts, and visited an English as a second language class. 

Phillips says being out in the halls and dealing with children, shaking hands and engaging in conversation, is one of the most important parts of his daily job. He added "The biggest impact and the one that's really been surprising to me is being with people. Being with the kids, being with the teachers, being in their classrooms either observing or trying to work on whatever it is that their doing at that time, that's what's most impacting and you might not think that". 

The focus on children seems to be helping encourage them in school... AISD says almost 90 percent of Palo Duro's senior class graduated in 2005.