Melrose Welcomes Ethanol

The City of Melrose is making it quite clear... If Clovis doesn't want an ethanol plant, they will roll out the welcome mat for the project. 

The Melrose City Council is proposing the Conagra Trade Group and other partners consider their rural town as a site for the plant - since some Clovis residents are opposing the project.

Conagra responded saying they are sticking with their plans to build in Clovis because quote 'the unique infrastructure complements and supports our long-term business objectives."

Clovis Residents Oppose Plant Site
NewsChannel 10 first told you there was controversy surrounding a proposed ethanol plant in Clovis, now residents are banding together to fight the proposed site. The new plant would be built near the Clovis city limits next to an existing grain elevator and also near many low-income and minority...
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Clovis Residents Oppose Ethanol Plant
About one-hundred Clovis residents stressed their concerns Thursday about health risks that would come with an ethanol plant proposed for their neighborhood. The plant would be located off Hwy 6084 on the southwest side of Clovis. People are concerned the 464 tons of pollutants the plant would...
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