Holiday Shopping Opportunity for Purse Snatchers

'Tis the season for shopping and purse snatching.

One woman just became a victim of the crime.

Police tell NewsChannel 10 she was walking to her car at Westgate Mall Thursday night when a man stole her purse.

Officers found the man and the woman did get her goods back.

She was lucky... but that's not always going to be the case.

While shoppers are eyeing mall goods.

Thieves are eyeing you.

Carol Pierz knows that.

Her sister in law had her purse snatched.

"I'm very cautious about that," she says.

But other people may not be.

One of the problems-- the way you carry your purse.

When you're walking through the mall or even outside police say its not really a good idea to let your purse swing by the side instead bring it up over your shoulder and keep a good grip.

"It's just an invitation for someone to take your wallet," she says

To make sure thieves remain un-invited.

Police say also follow these steps:

Arm yourself with pepper spray or a whistle...

Pull out your key when walking to the car.

And if you can't bare to go shopping without your purse...

Lighten your cash load -- like Pierz does.

"I don't carry a lot of cash. I'd rather have a credit card because you can always cancel it where the cash is gone," she says.