Hospitals See More Trauma over Holidays

The holiday seasons are back bringing families together from all over, but for the trauma center at Northwest Texas is also a time  to prepare for the busiest time of year.

Many families will be traveling across the state in hopes of making it in time for the holiday festivities. Gwen Campbell Northwest's Trauma Program Director tells us this is also a time of the year that the Northwest Texas Hospital trauma center is especially prepared for.  

"There's always an increased amount of travel during the holidays and especially on I-40 and 287."

The hospital trauma center is considered one of the areas top leading trauma units in the panhandle region. "We always have an increase in motor vehicle the last twelve months about 40 percent of the trauma patients that have been admitted here at Northwest are here as a result of motor vehicle crashes."

Campbell says, you need to make sure that you're well rested before you start out on the highway. Make sure you're not distracted talking on the cell phone and trying to do other things especially when you're driving.

As a first emergency responder to an accident scene the first place to look for any information about you is on your person.

So before you head on out and don't have plans on making a trip to the trauma center here are some things to keep in mind. "It's also good to have your emergency contact information or any specific medical information in a place that would be easily accessible for emergency personnel or hospital personnel."

The most important thing to remember in keeping yourself and family safe during the holidays...and avoid becoming another statistic is wear your seatbelt when traveling.