A Day for Quitters

Once a year the American Cancer Society asks smokers to quit for just one day...and today is that event's 13th Anniversary.

Newschannel10's Tina Berasley has the story of some efforts trying to make more of the panhandle smoke free.

At West Texas A&M today members of the Pulse Club set up shop in the student center to celebrate the Great American Smokeout.  They hope to improve the health of all students by cutting down smoking on campus. 
The club's Vice President Dhaval Bhavsar tells us why he is dedicated to this cause, "If you can appeal to college students they're more likely to give it up now..and not to mention they like to have fun, but they're hurting their friends and their family too, because second hand smoke kills also. "

New Hope for Quiters

Local doctors looking to improve the health of their patients are turning to a new drug.

Chantix is taken in pill form and its the first drug designed to block the effects of nicotine on the brain.

Doctor Bruce Baker says it is twice as successful as other treatments...but self-motivation is the real key. "The main way that people are successful in quitting smoking is deciding they're gonna quit. Its one of the treatments that are available to try to help people follow through on that desire....if you're not motivated theres no pill that can make you quit."

The  American Cancer Society says programs like "The Great American Smokeout" have helped them cut the number of smokers in half, since 1965.