Shoppers Camp Out for PS3

It's lining up to be the hot gift this Christmas and people wanting to get their hands on one are already lining up and camping out outside stores.

The Playstation 3 gaming console doesn't go on sale until Friday morning but all across the country and here in Amarillo shoppers are already waiting outside of stores.

Sony has already announced that supplies will be limited with most stores only getting about 24 consoles each.

The console prices start at a whopping $500.

Sony also announced Tuesday that despite earlier promises the new console will NOT be compatible with all previously released Playstation games. Some 200 of the company's titles will not run properly on the new system-although Sony claims software upgrades will eventually be developed to fix those problems.

Later this month Ninetendo is expected to release their newest system, the Wii. That system will retail for $250.