Businesses & Your Credit/Debit Card Number

It's a law designed to protect your identity. It states businesses can only print up

to five digits of your credit or debit card number on your copy of the receipt.

Here's the twist, it only applies to your copy of the receipt not their copy.

It's something you may want to think about with holiday shopping coming up or the

next time you grab a bite to eat.  When you sign the receipt look at both copies.

Most businesses only print the last four digits of your card number on your copy

and their copy of the receipt. But some places print your entire card number on

their copy which is legal.  The good news is the same law which allows this also

states businesses must have a policy in place saying how they will keep your personal

information safe, maintain it, and properly destroy it.    But if your information does

get out, you may want to think about the places you've shopped and if your number

was on any receipts.    More importantly, if you see your entire number on your

receipt copy call the Better Business Bureau because that is illegal.