Barrel Racing Champion Horse Cloned in Texas

Champion barrel racer Charmayne James knew scientists could clone mice, sheep and cats.

So six years ago the rider from Athens decided that if any creature deserved to be cloned, it was her gelding, Scamper -- the retired ten-time barrel racing legend.

The result -- Clayton -- has exceeded expectations.

James paid Austin-based Viagen 150-thousand dollars to clone Scamper.

Genetic material was extracted from a cell sample taken from Scamper, then transferred to an egg. The genetic material in the host egg was removed. An embryo was grown in an incubator before it was transferred to a mare.

After four failed attempts, Clayton was born August 8th.

The birth was announced today. The foal is almost identical to the older model, except for white markings between Clayton's eyes.

James plans to use Clayton for breeding.

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