The Lingering Danger of Meth Production

Toxic gases and waste could affect you and your family and you may not even know it.  Making Meth not only brings an immediate threat but it can leave a lasting threat  where ever it was made.

Even if you don't make Meth or use it you could be affected. Officials with the Amarillo Police Department say every time someone makes one pound of Meth it produces six pounds of hazardous and toxic waste.

That waste can seep through the ground or even the walls. If you live in a former Meth house, apartment, or are staying in a hotel room where people have produced Meth, what's left behind could affect you and in the worst case, kill you.

Officials with APD say the chance of you dying from former Meth production is small. However they say one reason you should be aware of this is because the long term affects from Meth exposure is unknown at this time, but they say any exposure is not healthy.

Here are some warning signs of Meth production: propane tanks with a blue valve, bottles with a hose attached, scales, coffee filters or certain smells such as cat urine or metallic type smells.

If you suspect you live in a former Meth house or near someone who is currently making Meth call police.