Amarillo Teen Goes To Ethical Leadership Conference

Former President George H.W.  Bush and author Stephen Covey are just a few of the people attending the fist ever Amarillo Ethical Leadership Conference today.  Many people from the area will be there but one in particular may stand out, the reason, he's 14 years old. 

Landen Hajje says he is very passionate about politics. In fact he says one day he wants to run for governor of Texas.  He says President Bush and former President George H.W. Bush are some of his hero's, so you can understand why he wants to go to the conference so badly. He decided to write a letter to Amarillo Mayor Debra McCartt.   The letter talked about his life, goals, family, and why he wanted to attend the conference.   Some time later Hajje's wish was granted.   Hajje and his father will be going to the conference.