ASCA Reinstates An Age Minimum Requirement

After a public outcry by members of the Amarillo Senior Citizens Association... Today their board of directors reinstated the 45 year old age minimum.

Newschannel 10's Marissa Bagg has more on how those who fought for the change and board members are reacting tonight. 

The Amarillo Senior Citizens Association is no longer open to just anyone... Although that development put a smile on a number of members faces, they will continue to push for more changes.

"We've accomplished something this far it's not over, but we accomplished a great deal today," says Ed Bridges, an ASCA member who pushed for the change. In a closed meeting, the Board of Directors brought back the age minimum to be a member, something they erased from the Bylaws just three months ago.

But some members want to see more changes... like lowering their dues from the recent increase to $75. "We want to get ours back in line so any senior feels like they can pay that," says Bridges.

The other big change today... The President of the Board, John Burrow announced his resignation. "I'm not sure and I talked to John and he said he resigned because he's just tired of it," says Bridges.

We spoke with another board member who says the board didn't want to make a big issue about the change, they just want to keep the membership happy.  "Perhaps we've finally been noticed that we of ASCA are sincere in what we're asking what we want, proper representation and courtesy," says J.P. Reese, another member who wanted the age requirement reinstated.

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