Rash of Fires

Amarillo police worked five house fires inside the city limits from sunrise to sunset Tuesday.

No one was injured, but three of the fires were considered major.

Newschannel 10's Marissa Bagg has more from one of the victims.

Tonight the Travis family is staying at a hotel, since their home went up in flames around 4 o'clock today.

They say they don't know whether this damage was intentional or a careless accident.

"It's horrible, everything is burned up, I just bought a new living room set and it looks like pieces of wood," says Sandra Travis.

Travis says she is in shock to see her house in shambles, but she is happy her children are safe.

The Fire Marshall finished examining the house around 7 pm.

Right now they say there is more than one possible cause for the fire.

"We'll just have to continue working the investigation to see if we can eliminate one of those and prove the other one is the cause," says Terry McKinney, the Amarillo Fire Marshall.

There was another house on fire nearby within 30 minutes of the home off Florida, leading officials to initially think they were related.

"At this time we have no reason to believe they're connected, there was a small time frame between two fires, we'll have to discuss details and all that," says McKinney.

A space heater could also be the cause.

One was said to be located near where the fire started.

But Travis is suspicious someone had something to do with it.

"Some people say they saw some people in the back, I don't know who but no one should've been back there," says Travis.

We also spoke with the property owner at the scene who says the gas was off at the time the house caught fire...

Which could lead investigators more towards the space heater being the cause.

One thing is for sure, the house looks to be a total loss.