Beware the Halloween Hangover

While police will be keeping a close watch on trick or treaters safety, parents will need to watch out for too much candy. 
  It sounds a little odd---a Halloween Hangover---but it does happen.
   For example, to eat an entire bucket of candy, you would probably end up with a Halloween Hangover in the morning because you would not get enough sleep and probably have a stomach ache. 
   Kids of all ages plan on trick or treating, but how much candy they eat and how late they stay up could hurt them in the classroom the next day.
   "Lots of time the day after Halloween or any big holiday, we see kids that are just not feeling well, just a combination of not enough sleep the night before and all the junk food that they ate," says Amy Escamilla, Highland Park School Nurse.
   The students we spoke with today do plan on lots of treats----no surprise there---but they don't plan on eating all their candy.
   "I don't want to eat a lot because I'll get a stomach ache, eat a few and then stop," says Jessica Parish.
   "Yeah, they said probably around near ten pieces because you don't want to eat too much because you'll get sick," says 3rd grader Nicholas Donaghy.
   To make sure your child does not wake up with a Halloween Hangover, it's as simple as limiting the candy they eat and making sure they get plenty of rest.