Educating Inmates a Priority in Curry County

It's a new program designed to help educate people, but not just anyone, it's for inmates. 
The Curry County Detention Center now offers their inmates special classes to help them earn their GED.

Leslie Johnson is the jail's warden. She started this program to help prepare the inmates for when they get out of jail.  This way if they get their GED they can apply for better jobs and get their lives on track.  Plus it gives them something positive to do with all their free time.  She says the classes have changed the overall attitude of several inmates.  Even though the program is new they are already seeing an impact. Johnson says one inmate who was released from jail went to Clovis Community College that same day and enrolled in classes.  She hopes more inmates will start attending the classes.  Newschannel 10 spoke with several inmates who say they like the classes and think it will help them accomplish future goals.

The jail also has a new library for the inmates.  Johnson says they would like to expand it but need donations.  They ask for paperback books in good condition.  If you would like to help you can drop books off at the detention center located at 801 Mitchell St in Clovis.