Director ECU, Acute Rehab, and Golden Phoenix

Position Summary:

To accept the responsibility to plan, direct, organize, coordinate and implement all nursing care services for the Extended Care, Golden Phoenix and Acute Rehab Units in a manner suitable to accepted standards of care; to ensure the highest quality and safe delivery of patient car maintaining compliance with all regulatory standards.


  • Licensure/Certification/Registration/Competence: RN, current in the State if Texas. CPR.   SAMA certified or equivalent.
  • Experience Preferred:Experience in management or Health Care Administration preferred.  Experience in Gero-psychiatric nursing preferred
  • Special Skills/Qualifications: Knowledge of MDS process

Organizational Relationship:

  • Reports To:  CNO
  • Supervises:  Greater than 30

Education: (indicate minimum)

  • College level: Associate , Bachelors, Masters

Ages of Patients Served

  • 18 - 64 years
  • 65 years and older

Mental and Emotional Requirements:

  • Manage stress appropriately
  • Make decisions under pressure
  • Manage anger/fear/hostility/violence of others
  • Handle multiple priorities
  • Work alone
  • Work in areas that are confined and/or crowded


  • Exposure to toxic/caustic/chemicals/detergents
  • Exposure to x-ray/electromagnetic energy
  • Exposure to communicable diseases
  • Exposure to moving mechanical parts
  • Blood born pathogen exposure
  • Exposure to potential electrical shock

Working Conditions:

  • INSIDE:  Spends approximately 100% or more of time inside.  Inside work has good ventilation, comfortable temperature

Work Positions: (defined in 10% increments of work time)   Sitting: 25%    Standing: 40%    Walking: 35%

Physical  Demands:

  • MEDIUM WORK: Lifting 50 lbs maximum with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects weighing up to 25 lbs.
  • On Call Work

Essential Job Functions:

  • Demonstrates the knowledge and skills in the nursing process necessary for those patients requiring the expertise of a professional registered nurse.
  • Demonstrates the ability to maintain good interpersonal relationships with patients, co-workers, and other health team members.
  • Demonstrates leadership knowledge, skills , and abilities that reflect the RN's accountability and delegation of duties in the management of care for all patients assigned to the GP staff members.

  Other Job Functions:

  • Be a team player
  • Have a positive attitude towards patients and co-workers
  • Provides Leadership that guides and directs the organizational goals of the facility
  • Employee, Patient and Physician Satisfaction
  • Employee Retention
  • Productivity
  • Budget
  • Timely Employee Evaluations
  • Teamwork
  • Timely Reports
  • Timely Completion of tasks
  • Appearance of your area
  • Accurate Kronos record keeping

To Apply for this job visit the Pampa Regional Medical Center website by clicking here.