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A young voice who's a hometown girl has high hopes for the debut of her first single. 

   NewsChannel 10's Julia Bagg has th details on a dream that runs in the family.

They call her "Sexy Mexi"..a stage name her dad came up with...    

And around town there's no mistaking the sultry, Spanish sounds of teen songwriter...Audriana Gutierrez. 

From bedroom rehearsals to big stage performances... the Gutierrez family plans to propel one of their own to stardom. 15:15

Audriana says, "It's like everybody's involved in this, it's all of our dreams, not just mine."

The family caught a taste of that dream's excitement.. Just last week when they tuned in to a local station's countdown of most requested songs.   

Audriana tells me how exciting it was to hear her own song in the countdown;"Then they go number three...Sexi Mexi "Dame Un Besito" We just started yelling and we were jumping around, we had to pull the car over."

Behind that celebration is teamwork and sacrifice from Audriana's mom, manager dad, and sister.

Sacrifice that can even mean the house payment, which Melinda Gutierrez says "This month we paid it late because we had to use that money to get Audriana's cds."

The family hopes the sacrifices will pay off when they hit stores with Audriana's first single Tuesday. 

'Dame Un Besito' or 'Give Me a Kiss' is a song Audriana wrote in English with a Spanish chorus that reflects her Latin heritage. 

It's on sale at Hastings starting tomorrow.

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