Race for the Cure: Dr. Pruitt's Story

Dr. Brian Pruitt
Dr. Brian Pruitt

Over 40 thousand women across the nation will die from breast cancer this year, according to the American Cancer Society. 

And this weekend Amarillo will host the annual Susan G. Komen Foundation, Race for the Cure.

Newschannel10's Tina Berasley spoke with one local doctor on the front lines in the battle against the disease. 

Doctor Brian Pruitt has worked at the Harrington Cancer Center since 1981 specializing in all types of the disease, but last year he limited his practice to breast cancer patients only.

He explaines to my what promted his decision to specialized in breast cancer; "Patients that I took care of early on had breast cancer and I always felt good about what I did. There's a lot of new information about breast cancer, there's always something new, its intellectually challenging but then I've always liked the people too".   

Many of his close to 1200 patients already have the disease, but some are what doctors consider high risk. Women with family history and those that have their first child later in life can fall into this category. "Most doctors have the ability to combine those risk factors and give an overall risk.  Anyone who has a high risk could be seen at the cancer center, its a readily available instrument to find out risk".

Women with the disease often turn to other woman for comfort...and Dr. Pruitt's patients are no different. He says National Breast Cancer Awareness month has helped many local patients band together...and bring us closer to a cure. "The fact that breast cancer has been so visible has led to women going to get mammograms and doing things for themselves and had led to the decreased death rate from breast cancer, you can only applaud it it's a good thing...the Race for the Cure has been a very important part of the improvement of statistics of women with the disease today."