Continuing Education, Amarillo College

There are 50 community colleges in Texas and Amarillo College is ranked number 1 in enrollment for continuing education for work force training.

Many of you may have a job that requires some kind of continuing education class to make sure you are up to date with all the latest skills and  technology.  The Amarillo Economic Development Corporation works with Amarillo College to train people in all kinds of jobs to help the city and AC grow.   In fact there are about 5,000 more people employed in Amarillo this year than there were last year.   That's good news for AC since they have to train or retrain many of those people.   While job training is important there are many other continuing education classes you can take seriously or just for fun.  Classes such as floral design, gymnastics, belly dancing, and much more.  The continuing education classes are for people of all ages.  Here's an amazing fact for you..... In 2005 the youngest person taking a continuing education class was 2 and the oldest person was 96.

For more information you can call Amarillo College at 371-5000