Made In The Area, ASARCO

It's been a part of the area since 1922, employees about 350 people, and can make up to 92 million pounds of copper a  month.    Newschannel 10 went on a special behind the scenes look inside ASARCO to see the whole copper process.  

They go through several steps to refine copper.   They have a room for making what's called an anode, which is  a big piece of copper.....99% pure.   Then there is the tank house.   The tank house is about 9 football fields long and is the largest tank house in the world.  This is where the anode goes through an electrolysis process, the end result is called a cathode or pure copper.  The pure copper is used to make  many things such a giant slabs which they cut and send to customers all over the world.   They also make copper rods which are wrapped in giant coils.   In fact, ASARCO has made enough rod in the last 25 years to wrap around the world over 185 times.    Another unique thing is ASARCO is the only refinery  in the country that takes giant slabs of copper and can turn it into tiny slivers that the U.S. Mint uses for the quarters and dimes you may use every day.