Mother Asks Attorney General to Remove 'Disgraced' D.A.

A Borger woman has written a letter to the State Attorney General claiming a local district attorney is a "disgrace" to her community. 

In the letter, Betty Holland cites a report dated May 28th of this year that claims 84th District Attorney Clay Ballman was drinking in the parking lot of the county courthouse in Stinnett and then planning to drive a vehicle.

In May of 2005, Ballman was arrested for a hit and run incident involving Holland's daughter.

Also in the letter, Holland questions why Ballman's convicition was not listed on the Department of Public Safety's data base in accordance with Chapter 60 of the Texas Code of Criminal Appeals. In accordance with that code DWI convictions are to appear permanantly in public records.

She goes on to ask the Attorney General to conduct a criminal investigate into the missing records and says the whole incident "...reeks of public corruption..."

She writes; "Mr. Ballman as a District Attorney in Texas should not be above the law nor should he be able to manipulate records in a system he works in for his personal benefit."

Holland is also asking Abbott to for the removal of Ballman from public office.

Newschannel 10 has contacted DPS, they say the county is responsible for sending criminal records to their Austin office...and they never received Ballman's records.

They say that now the website will now be updated to include Ballman's 2005 conviction.

-Keran Krane, NewsChannel 10

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