Fritch Man Honored at Service

He spent his life serving the panhandle, and was remembered for his sacrifice today...  where several hundred people gathered to honor a man who had been so giving of himself.

Durrah Foshee of Fritch had spent close to 30 years in law enforcement.

He began working with the Amarillo Police Department in 1978, and most recently worked his way up to Captain of the Hutchinson County Sheriff's Department.

Hutchinson County Sheriff Guy Rowh told NewsChannel10's Tina Berasley "All the people under him respected him and naturally followed him because he had the character of leadership...he loved to train law enforcement personnel and the department just depended on him highly".

Foshee resigned his post as Captain in March and went to help train police officers in Afghanistan for a second time...and it was there that he died of a heart attack late last month.

State Trooper Darrin Bridges worked with Foshee at the Borger Police Department. He said "Not only did he care about the citizens of Hutchinson county but he also cared a great deal about the people of the U.S... He went over there to help train the police officers so basically our soldiers could come back."

Foshee leaves behind a wife and four children...and a legacy of service to communities across the panhandle.

Sheriff Rowh added "This is a hard day, the whole week has been hard but...because of our Lord and savior the days will get easier now".