Stormy Weather

Highway 60 just 10 miles East of Panhandle is completely flooded by the heavy rains.

Some places on the road had almost a foot and a half deep of water.

The heavy rain caused so much flooding along Highway 60, officials had to close down the road right after 6 for the safety of drivers.

"It didn't take alot of water to sweep a car off the road," says Carso County Sheriff Tam Terry.

And although the Panhandle is in desperate need of rain Sheriff Terry says todays rain was too much, too fast.

"Well, the rain was a problem today, we need rain but this amount in a week rather than in an hour."

As long as the rain continues officials say Highway 60 will remain closed.

"Just if you are coming this way, be careful and the road is closed and nobody will get through."

Officials say it might be tomorrow morning before they open these roads.

They urge all drivers to please take I-40 instead.