The Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education or TACHE, is a new program designed to help Hispanics achieve goals in college and move onto greater success in life.

It's a state wide program which just started at Amarillo College and WTAMU last semester.   Those involved say it was such a success they are already making big plans for next year. One of the goals  is to help Hispanics by mentoring them at an early age and providing help and support all the way through college. It also offers scholarships for things such as graduate  school. Officials with the program says they also plan on promoting more Hispanics to become teachers in order to give back.

News Channelten spoke with one student in the program who is the first in his family to go to college.   He says it is helping him accomplish his dreams of becoming an accountant and being a role model for other students as well as his younger brothers.

For more information call Daniel Esquivel, Chapter President, at 806-457-4400