About Hartman Roofing

Our Background

Hartman Roofing began in May, 1988 in San Angelo, Texas. Little did we know that our little "family business" would grow to become one of the largest roofing contractors in West Texas. Today we have locations in not only San Angelo, but Abilene (1992), Lubbock (1994), Amarillo (1995) and Midland (1996) and every location has both an office and a warehouse. One advantage to maintaining facilities throughout West Texas is that we can quickly mobilize key personnel and equipment to the area with the greatest need. For example if Lubbock is hit by a storm, we may send crews from Abilene and Amarillo so our Lubbock customers receive the fastest possible service. Many contractors only hire crews as needed. At Hartman, we keep the same crews working all year, year after year. We're bigger now, but we've never lost that "family" attitude.

Hartman Roofing has successfully completed over 6000 roofing jobs since 1988. These days we roof an average of 1200 homes each and every year and strive to provide our customers the one-on-one service that is so hard to find in today's society. We are willing and able to handle any roofing job from a two million dollar housing project at Dyes AFB to a 50 dollar skylight repair in Amarillo.

We Only Use Quality Products

Hartman Roofing uses only brand name material like Elk, Tampco, GAF, Celotex, and wood products certified by the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau. Our bureau Cedar is purchased directly from the mills. This insures that only the best quality cedar ends up on your home, not seconds or inferior products passed through many suppliers. Our years of experience have taught us that buying direct from the cedar mills is essential in maintaing the quality and uniformity we demand for our customers. Wherther you are choosing Cedar, Composition or Metal, you can rest assured that Hartman Roofing has researched the products we recommend and that they are the very best the industry has to offer.

We are also proud that each of our locations has full sheetmetal fabrication capacity. We can build any sheetmetal component from simple galvanized flashing to a complex copper bay window right in our own shop. Flashing is often overlooked by contractors who do not have this capability, however it is the single most important component of a water-tight roof. Using tar to fill voids can stop a leak in the short run, but only tight fitting, properly constructed flashing provides a solution over the life of the roof. Our ability to quickly and easily create custom fitting metal as the job warrants can make the difference.

Hartman Roofing is recognized by the roofing and insurance industry as a leading supplier of superior products and service. It's our job to stay abreast of developments in these industries so that we are prepared to offer our customers unquestionable value. After all, roofing is our only business, not a sideline, and we can only continue our success by making sure that every single job results in the very best roof possible.