Contact Curry County CrimeStoppers

Curry County CrimeStoppers

(505) 763-7000

CrimeStoppers is a cooperation between the citizen, media and police, designed to involve the public in fighting crime. Citizens can inform the police through CrimeStoppers on information that they have about a crime or potential crime. Cash rewards are offered when the information received leads to an arrest.

The Curry County CrimeStoppers program is maintained by the Clovis Police Department. When someone calls the number listed above to report a crime, the report is forwarded on to the Detective Division where it is followed up on.

The CrimeStoppers concept originated in Albuquerque, in 1976.

The offer to pay rewards for crime-solving information is an essential element of CrimeStoppers. A caller can earn a reward of up to $1,000 if their information helps clear a major crime. That reward can be doubled if the caller testifies.

A critical element of the CrimeStoppers program is the offer of anonymity for callers. To achieve anonymity, callers are given confidential numbers. Since most callers' identities aren't known they contact CrimeStoppers to provide additional information and to learn if a reward has been earned.