Dining on the go: New Amarillo businesses specialize in food and alcohol delivery

Dining on the go: New Amarillo businesses specialize in food and alcohol delivery

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - From pulling up a website on your computer to opening an app on your phone, food and alcohol deliveries straight to your location are the goals of two of Amarillo's newest businesses.

MenuRunners is an online delivery service that got its start in Texas. Recently expanding into the Amarillo market, they offer online and mobile ordering.

"You can get on there, decide what you want, order everything, you can put specific notes if there's an allergy or something," said Kristen Hunt, Amarillo-area manager for MenuRunners. "It goes to a dispatcher and the dispatcher finds the driver. Orders are not placed until a driver is found."

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Hunt says the company decided to expand to Amarillo, partly, because of its emphasis on local restaurants.

"This is the perfect sized town of what we want," said Hunt. "It's not too big, it's not too small, most of the restaurants here are locally owned, so it's neighbors serving neighbors."

Happy Hour has also recently opened, bringing a storefront near Western and Olsen, as well as online and phone deliveries.

"About half a year ago, my wife and I thought it might be a cool thing," said Mason Smith, owner of Happy Hour. "We've seen it in a lot of bigger cities, including Dallas and areas like that, and we just thought Amarillo could really benefit from having a cool alcohol delivery service."

The new company is only based in Amarillo and sells specially-made alcoholic drinks that can go to the home, office, or elsewhere.

"Really, we just want people to have a good time and a safe, fun time with friends and this way is a little more fun way of adding to your party or event rather than just grabbing a case of beer," said Smith.

From food to alcohol, Amarillo's newest businesses are bringing the dining experience directly to you.

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