5 Things to Know: Battles against SCOTUS confirmation, plastic continue

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Here's a look at the top five things to know for Wednesday, July 11.

Kavanaugh nomination and the next steps

Less than 24 hours after President Trump's nomination of Judge Michael Kavanaugh, the battle began.

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Kavanaugh wasted no time in beginning to win over congressmen who could be key in confirming his nomination. Despite that, some interest groups are vowing to fight his nomination.

Obamacare faces reductions

The Trump Administration has taken another swipe at Obamacare.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services say it will provide $10 million for the Affordable Care Acts "navigator" program this fall.

In 2016, the program received $63 million.

The agency defending the trimmed budget by saying the navigators are ineffective. Critics say Americans need as much information and access to health care and believe this move will do the opposite.

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The battle against straws

American Airlines is the latest company to move away from plastic straws.

The company announced yesterday its airport lounges will start serving drinks with wood sticks this month.

By November, the stir sticks on planes will be made from bamboo.

The world's biggest airline says the change will eliminate more than 71,000 pounds of plastic a year.

...and peanuts

Southwest Airlines is doing away with peanuts.

The airline will stop offering the iconic travel snack beginning August 1.

Southwest says it wants passengers with peanut allergies to feel sage on every flight.

The airline has offered peanuts on-and-off since the 1970s. Southwest will continue to offer free snacks like pretzels, cookies, veggie chips and corn chips.

National Mojito Day

Wednesday is National Mojito Day.

The drink is made of white rum, sugar, lime juice, mint and sparkling water.

Its alcohol content is low and is popular during the summertime for many enthusiasts.

Some people decorate the drink with mint leaves and lime wedges.

There is some debate as to where the mojito came from, but its origins have been traced back as far as 1586.

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