Suspect in NM daycare altercation caught on camera shares her side of the story

CLOVIS, N.M. (KFDA) - In an update to a story we brought you last month, a woman caught on camera in an altercation at a Clovis daycare is now sharing her side of the story.

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The incident was first caught on a classroom camera May 3 at Future Generations Child Care Center in Clovis.

In the video, Elizabeth Parrez, identified as the woman starting the fist fight on camera, is seen walking up to a woman identified in a civil complaint as Cherokee Ash, before punches are thrown.

Now telling her side of the story, Parrez says she was provoked by an incident involving her one-and-a-half-year-old daughter who was also cared for at the center. She says that after finding bruises on her daughter's arms, she spoke with her boss.

"The first thing she tells me was she thinks they're bite marks," said Parrez. "Well to me, at that point, I was already so upset, I was crying about the whole situation and I was sent back to work."

Parrez says other employees then told her that Ash was talking about her so she confronted her before the incident escalated further.

"She swang the door at me when I was going to leave the room, she provoked me," said Parrez. "So I went back at her and I said, 'did you hurt my daughter' and she told me, 'yeah.' Right when she said, 'yeah,' I lost it. I blacked out and I lost it."

Parrez told NewsChannel 10 that she did not remember the attack or know what happened until she saw the classroom video later on.

"All I remember is just 'Elizabeth, Elizabeth, stop, Elizabeth' and that's whenever I came back to it and I stopped and I left the room and I went to get the rest of my kids out of their classrooms," recalled Parrez.

Parrez also noted that she was arrested in connection with the incident on June 20, more than one month after the original incident.

"I'm facing 38-40 years and I've never been in trouble a day in my life. I have four kids, that's all I do is take care of my babies," said Parrez. "They're trying to throw away the key on me and I've never been in trouble in my life. I don't deserve this. She deserves what she got, but I do not deserve everything that they're trying to put on me."

NewsChannel 10 reached out to the other woman identified in the video, Ash, but she declined to interview.

As for Parrez, she has a message for the children who were in the room that day.

"I'm sorry to the little girl that got hurt, I'm sorry to her parents that she got hurt, and I'm sorry to the rest of the children that were present at that time that they had to be there while something like that happened and I would just like to apologize to all of them and I'm very sorry," said Parrez.

We also reached out to the Clovis Police Department for an update on the case but did not receive a response back as of the time of this story.

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