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Paramedic rescues baby squirrel, the two become 'friends'

Courtesy of Jesse Wolfram Courtesy of Jesse Wolfram

It’s Jesse Wolfram’s job to save lives. The Charlotte MEDIC employee is a paramedic and recently found himself attempting to save a life that wasn’t human.

“It had been outside in the rain for a long time and we weren’t sure it was going to make it,” Wolfram said. 

A friend had discovered the orphaned squirrel near death and asked Wolfram to take care of it. 

Wolfram attempted to send the squirrel to a licensed wildlife rehab, but he had no luck finding someone near his home in Lancaster County, SC. 

Since it isn’t illegal to keep a squirrel in your home in his state, he took to the task of nursing the animal back to health, himself. 

But a funny thing happened, the two seemed to become friends. 

Check out the video for an adorable look at how it happened.  

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