Good News: Recent rain trends may continue, drought conditions could lessen

Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Isn't it amazing how uplifting a round of rain can be?

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Boy, after Wednesday people just seem to be in high spirits, myself included.

Yesterday I dumped more than an inch or rain out of my gauge, 1.03 inches to be specific, and that is the most rain I have dumped out of my rain gauge in nine months.

It is one of the biggest rains the city has had in a long time. So, I thought it would be a good time to praise the good Lord for the rain and reflect on some positive things going on.

The effect of our recent rain is already evident as local ponds and lakes, after being nearly dry, have filled again.

More importantly, our larger lakes like Lake Greenbelt, Lake Mackenzie, and Ute Reservoir are all on the rise.

The good news includes our big lake, Lake Meredith, which is also on the rise and at a healthy level - 75 feet. Remember, a few years ago that was down to 26 feet, and this increase represents a staggering amount of water.

The drought monitor is showing signs of improvement with the area of what has been an exceptional drought now shrinking in our area. No doubt we still have a ways to go, and Amarillo is about six inches behind normal, but the trends are good.

What we are looking at here is probably the most encouraging news of all.

Weather patterns are changing and going into this weekend, and early next week the chance of rain is getting better and better. It looks like this trend may continue with more rain and less heat coming to the area.

Now that is good news!

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