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Water Wasters: Conservation a priority as dry weather continues

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Despite recent storms, the Texas Panhandle remains in a serious drought.

Amarillo's drought conditions currently vary between extreme to exceptional. Therefore, our efforts to help the community save water continue.

We begin this week's Water Wasters investigation with Cheddar's just off I-40.

A viewer submitted a photo, where you can see a broken sprinkler head, causing water to shoot up into the air and onto the nearby sidewalk. We spoke with employees at the restaurant, who said the issue has already been fixed.

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Up next is Amarillo National Bank at 45th and Western. We received multiple photos of a broken sprinkler head  near the sidewalk, as well as photos of their sprinklers causing water runoff in the street. We spoke with their facilities manager, who said if the sprinkler head isn't already fixed, it will be by the end of the day.

He added that they're always trying to address sprinkler heads that get out of place and that wind could be a factor. As they try to keep up with their sprinklers, he said they appreciate any help from the community.

Finally, someone sent us photos of water runoff, claiming it was coming from the Braum's in Canyon.

We spoke with a manager who said their sprinkler system has been down all spring long, and that they've only had the sprinklers working for about two weeks now. He said when they finally got the system up and running, the timers and some sprayers were off.

They currently have crews working on it, to get it working accordingly.

If you're concerned about water usage of a local business or agency, take a picture and send it to us at waterwasters@newschannel10.com.

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