Altercation between child care workers caught on camera, turns into lawsuit

Altercation between child care workers caught on camera, turns into lawsuit

CLOVIS, N.M. (KFDA) - An altercation between child care workers in Clovis was caught on camera and is now the center of a lawsuit.

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The video was taken from a classroom at Future Generations Child Care Center in Clovis on May 3.

While one worker and children are in the room, another worker shows up at the door. The two appear to talk for a period of time when one of the workers, identified in a lawsuit as Elizabeth Cordoza, walks up to the other worker, identified as Cherokee Ash.

Punches are thrown as the two move into the back corner of the room near the children.

The woman identified as Ash appears to be pulled by her hair as she goes down with one foot flying up. As that happened, it appears her foot struck one of the children in the head.

Now, the parents of that child are filing a lawsuit against the center and the woman accused of instigating the altercation.

We spoke to Clovis attorney Eric Dixon who says the parents initially contacted him to make an inspection of public records with Clovis Police to obtain this video. After seeing it, he says they proceeded to move forward with a lawsuit.

The fight continues as other workers come in to help move children away and break up the fight.

Shortly after, the two women and another employee walk out of the room.

We reached out to the child care center for comment which then put us in touch with Hal Greig, the attorney representing Future Generations. He told NewsChannel 10 that he is not aware of a lawsuit but instead said that the child care center has cooperated with authorities and reported the incident immediately.

He also says the woman accused of starting the incident is no longer employed there.

We spoke with Tammy Smith, a licensed professional counselor, who says that incidents like this one can have varied effects on children, but if an incident is unusual for them to witness, it can have a traumatic effect on them.

At this time, it does not appear that any criminal charges have been filed, but we will continue to follow up with Clovis authorities on this incident.

You can watch the video of the fight below. All images of the children have been blurred out to protect their identities.

WARNING: The video may contain content that is considered graphic for some viewers:

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