Curbside cart collection coming to Amarillo

Curbside cart collection coming to Amarillo

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Curbside cart pick up will now be coming to over 16 thousand  Amarillo residents.

Tuesday evening at City Council, members voted unanimously to enact an ordinance that will change the way a large group of Amarillo residents receive their waste service.

People who currently use the city's curbside bag collection, have a dead-end alley or have a dumpster positioned in front of a home or business will be the first to receive these personal trash carts.

The Solid Waste Department said the estimated 16,500 people could fluctuate as they get into the communities this program will affect.

They said the goal of this collection initiative is to improve the health and safety of residents and employees.

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"This is not a program that everyone's dumpster is going away. This is a system that we're looking at for individuals who currently right now, the dumpster doesn't work for them," said Raymond Lee, Director of Public Works for the City of Amarillo. "These are individuals who have dumpsters in their front yards which is a huge quality of life issue. These are also individuals who have bag collection right now who are having issues with having dogs and other kinds of animals tearing up their trash. So we want to protect those individuals who are having to pick up trash throughout the community."

Lee said they're narrowing down which neighborhoods to approach first, but say those who have dumpsters in their front yards and those with difficult alleys to navigate will be at the top of the list.

"It'll also address some of the safety issues that we have with dead end alleys and with individual drivers that we have going through those alleys," said Lee. "They're having to back all the way out those alleys which cause safety issues for our drivers and for our citizens."

Currently, the city allocates multiple employees for curbside bag collection.

With this initiative, curbside cart pick up becomes a one person operation which the department says will allow them to reallocate resources.

"We get to put those resources in our alleys, which is a huge concern that we have right now," said Lee. "Get those individuals out there to address some of the other concerns that we have throughout the community as it relates to bulky items and illegal dumping."

The Solid Waste Department will be delivering these carts and educational materials to the neighborhoods they will be implementing this initiative in soon.

The program is expected to begin in late fall.

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