Cam’s Weather Corner: How to stay safe when coming face-to-face with a tornado

Cam's Weather Corner: How to stay safe when coming face-to-face with a tornado

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - There is no scarier feeling than being on the road and coming face to face with a tornado.

The best way to avoid this situation is to pay attention to the weather, especially if tornadic storms could be in the forecast. Being outside or driving during a tornado is a horrendous idea, and could be deadly.

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First Alert Chief Meteorologist Doppler Dave Oliver says that a tornado can sneak up on you, causing you to need to act fast.

"Problem with tornadoes is that you can't always see them, now if you do see a tornado, and it's miles away, then just turn around and go the other way.," said Doppler Dave. "But if it's rain wrapped and you are driving through rain, then hail, then flying debris, and you are right face to face with a tornado, you are going to have to act. [You] might have to get out and find better shelter."

For whatever reason, people always want to seek shelter under overpasses during large hailstorms and tornadoes.

This is a very bad idea because it can lead to traffic accidents, but it also risks people's lives

Even though an overpass can protect you and your car from hail, it is not advised to be your shelter.

Much like a wind tunnel, tornadic winds will accelerate as they pass underneath the overpass, which means the winds become stronger and more violent.

Another huge disadvantage of being under an overpass is the lack of shelter from tornadic debris.

Also, underpasses tend to lack objects to anchor you or your vehicle to, so if you lose your grip then you will be at the mercy of the tornado.

If you are forced to abandon your vehicle or be outside during a tornado, then it is highly advised to take shelter in a ditch and place your hands over your head. By being in a ditch, you are more protected from the flying debris.

However, if you remain in your car, then you face the threat of being lifted airborne by the tornado.

Hopefully you won't be outside or driving during a tornado, but if you are, now you know what to do to stay safe.

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