Ute Park fire now 77 percent contained, US 64 open

Ute Park fire now 77 percent contained, US 64 open

Ute Park, NM - US Highway 64 has been reopened near the Ute Park fire as firefighters increase containment to 77 percent.

36,740 acres have been burned since May 31, with 14 outbuildings burned at the Philmont Scout Ranch.

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NM Highway 204 south remains closed to anyone but residents in the area.

Crews are currently patrolling and repairing containment lines around the fire.

Air quality in the area is of particular concern to authorities as the fire continues to release smoke and soot into to atmosphere.

You can find updates on air quality here.

Residents of Ute Park are allowed to travel between Ute Park and Eagle Nest on US Highway 64, but non-residents will not be allowed to enter the westbound section of the highway.

Cimarron Canyon State Park remains closed.

The entire highway remains closed between Cimarron and Ute Park to all civilians as crews continue firefighting efforts.

For Ute Park residents on the Cimarron side of the fire, there will be a one-time convoy meeting at the Cimarron/West side road block that will allow access to those homes. The convoy will leave the road block at Noon on June 8.

All other entry and exit will be directed to the Eagle Nest side of the Canyon.

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