'You won't be laughing when you get beat down': Song about Sod Poodles puts new perspective on possible team name

'You won't be laughing when you get beat down': Song about Sod Poodles puts new perspective on possible team name

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - A week after the five finalists for the "Name the Team" sweepstakes were announced, one Amarillo resident took it upon himself to write a song about one of the finalists.

The Amarillo Sod Poodles, an option for the new baseball team, quickly gathered comments from people all around.

While some were appalled that such a name was considered for the new baseball team, others began creating possible logos for the team.

One citizen, Carson Leverett, took to his guitar to send a message about the Sod Poodles:

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Leverett wasn't always a fan of the baseball names. Like most, he hated them when they were first announced.

"Well I sympathized with the negativity because I thought the choices were abhorrent at first," said Leverett. "But then I kind of warmed up to them kind of like a cup of strong coffee is bitter at first and then you kind of like it."

As he thought more about it, Sod Poodles started to make sense. "I just really like it," said Leverett. "I think it's kind of definitive to where we are. We're kind of territorial people. We're friendly. There's some camaraderie here. We're kind of weird. I think it's good for Amarillo."

Leverett hopes the song will inspire others to change their tune and get excited for Double A baseball.

"I think it's gonna be great for the town," said Leverett. "It's just going to bring a lot of businesses to the town. What's going on downtown is real neat and a lot of private investment is happening because of the efforts we've put forth with this ballpark."

He's embracing the silliness and hopes others will follow suit.

"It's just about family fun," explained Leverett. "Come on out and watch the baseball team. The name isn't going to make us or break us, but Sod Poodles is a great one."

You can cast your vote for your favorite choice for the team name here

Voting is open until June 13.

However, there is also an online petition circulating, asking Amarillo Professional Baseball to come up with five new names. So far, it has more than 7,200 signatures.

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