Making G7 matter: Community responds to dog euthanized in labor

Making G7 matter: Community responds to dog euthanized in labor
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: Dacia Anderson Facebook Page
Source: Dacia Anderson Facebook Page

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The community is responding to G7, the pit bull who was in labor when she and her two newborn puppies were euthanized at Amarillo's animal shelter, after a now viral Facebook post sparked outrage nationwide.

The community gathered at city council on Tuesday afternoon, wearing G7 shirts and holding signs seeking answers about why this happened and how to prevent it from happening again.

"I'm really here to speak about the dog who became known around the world as G7," said one Amarillo woman.

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Another resident said, "You can not euthanize your way to eliminate specific animal breeds. We need fines in place for people who do not choose to spay or neuter."

"The AAM&W department is one who has total face to face contact with the public and must have public trust in their judgment. At this time, that trust in Mr. Havens and his department is completely compromised," said an Amarillo teacher.

Others say while the decision wasn't an easy one, owner responsibility continues to plague the community.

"The shelter has to make tough and heart wrenching decisions every single day due to citizens that perpetually fail the animal," said another member of the community.

City manager Jared Miller said the facts of G7 show the tough decisions the shelter must make.

"We had two calls within 24 hours resulting in two dogs being surrendered by their owners," said Miller. "Both dogs were euthanized."

Miller says the first call came from a man saying he was attacked by a male dog while attempting to break up a fight between the male and female dog, known as G7.

That male dog was taken away and euthanized that same day.

"Later that evening, a call came from the same household to emergency dispatch about a female dog that attacked two additional occupants," said Miller. "The pregnant female dog, who also instigated the earlier fight, was surrendered by the family. The female dog was euthanized as well as two puppies, the next morning after the shelter opened."

The director of Amarillo's shelter recognizes this as a tragic event the community has had to endure.

"We've had humans lives put in jeopardy and individuals placed in hospitals because of owner irresponsibility," said Richard Havens, Director of Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare. "These were intact animals that they were breeding, they turned on each other and ultimately turned on the owner."

Havens said there are still obstacles ahead that need to be conquered to help all animals receive the humane treatment they deserve.

"If an unfortunate event continues to bring awareness to what we're trying to bring awareness too and they want to get on board with us moving the community in the most positive direction, then we welcome everyone," said Havens.

Members of the community said they're hoping to find a solution to make sure something like G7 never happens again.

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