Two veterans run cross country to raise PTSD awareness

Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - United States Marine Corps veterans Will Owens and Dustin Schnatz along with their best friends Shooter and Konsin are putting boots and paws on the ground to bring awareness to PTSD.

"It came to us over beers one night, we got together and  my own therapy was going to be doing a road trip down through South America on the Pan American express way.", said Schnatz. "Will's therapy has always been running and he mentioned running across the country so in a matter of ten to twelve days we threw it together last minute. We got supporters and donors to jump in and they believed in us and we obviously believe in our own mission."

"We started running from San Diego, California to Virginia Beach, Virginia to raise awareness for PTSD.", said Owens. "One, to get awareness out to the public that there are 22 veterans taking their lives a day which is way too high of a number. Secondly, to reach out to veterans and let them know there's still help and people care. They didn't get in this alone and they won't get out alone."

The overwhelming support from veterans and non veterans along the way has been this team's motivation to keep pushing through.

"Its been incredible the support we've got from the non veteran community. In what we're doing and learning about the mission and the  number of veterans  who have taken their life or is having issues with PTSD has been incredible.", said Owens.

Will and Dustin are also raising $20,000 for charity but says the best way to help is by reaching out to someone you may know suffering with PTSD.

"Everyone knows a veteran or someone who may be having a tough time with certain things and it goes back to our number one goal and mission to bring awareness.", said Schnatz. "So reach out to that person, check on them, take them out, and joke around.That's what we used to take off our mask and this has been he best therapy for both of us."

To find out how you can learn more about PTSD and to help Will and Dustin on their journey across the country, visit their website Run 2x2 Vets.

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