Downtown Tower Executive Office Suites debut as one of Amarillo Tower's newest tenants

Downtown Tower Executive Office Suites debut as one of Amarillo Tower's newest tenants
Downtown Tower Executive Office Suites at Amarillo Tower (Source: KFDA)

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Thirty-eight offices now fill the 21st floor of the Amarillo Tower, providing a variety of unique services for all kinds of businesses here in town.

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The Downtown Tower Executive Office Suites are the newest addition to the tower, bringing a variety of office spaces for tenants, complete with a 9-5 receptionist, free Wi-Fi and long distance, conference rooms and more.

"I just thought Amarillo had the need for executive office suites to lease out day offices, virtual offices, temporary offices, full time offices," said Cathy Schick, owner of Downtown Tower Executive Office Suites.

Unique to Amarillo, the business also offers temporary day offices to cater to those who may fly in for a day or two to attend to clients.

"They rent hotel rooms, they eat at our restaurants, and I feel like they bring business into downtown," said Schick.

The Amarillo Tower's downtown location was a main factor of convenience for the company.

"Being downtown near some of the great restaurants that are opening up, the entertainment, the Civic Center, hotels that are here, it's perfect and ideal, especially for her customers that are flying in to visit Amarillo and stay here to office for a short period of time," said Sandy Taylor, owner of Siren Solutions Marketing Agency.

The offices, which range from temporary day leases to short- and long-term leases, are available with affordable rates, according to the company.

"She provides a very valuable service at an affordable rate so all they have to do is give her a call and she'll talk to them about flexible pricing," said Taylor.

The 21st floor where it is located was one of the 10 floors left behind by Xcel Energy.

"This floor was one of the Xcel Energy floors," said Aaron Emerson, leasing agent for Amarillo Tower. "Most of what's here was already here except we had to change all the finishes, so it's all new flooring, paint, texture."

The small businesses moving into the suites could potentially have a positive impact on overall Tower leasing in the future.

"The effect that would be great later on is that some of these small single office tenants grow into large tenants or larger tenants that need their own suite throughout the building," said Emerson. "As they grow, she fills their spots with small tenants again."

This creates a continuous cycle of new businesses and opportunities in the tower and downtown.

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